Advantages of Serviced Apartments

13 May

Serviced apartments offer accommodation solutions to many leisure and business travelers. Unlike past years, serviced apartments are common in many parts of the world, and especially tourist countries. Corporate Keys Australia is one of the companies that offers serviced apartments. Whenever you are searching for serviced apartments Melbourne or serviced apartments Sydney, look no further, check out Corporate Keys Australia. What are the benefits of serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments at are cost friendly when it comes to long term stay, as compared to staying in a hotel. The traveler is able to save huge money, thus, getting value for money. A long stay in a normal hotel room will be much higher especially for visitors planning to stay for longer periods. Additionally, serviced apartments have so much space compared to a hotel room. The apartments can hold a number of people, enabling the group saves money, as compared to guest houses where each guest will be required to take a room each.

Service apartments also save costs in terms of expenses like meals, internet, and many more. In a serviced apartment, one is able to cook, or if staying as a group, it becomes more fun to make your own meals, unlike paying for meals in a hotel, on top of the cost of accommodation. Most apartments offer free Wi-Fi throughout the guest’s stay.  For more facts about apartments, visit this website at

With serviced apartments at, it feels like a second home. A serviced apartment consists of most or all the things you would expect to find a home, right from a comfortable couch, comfy bed, a TV set, a fully furnished kitchen, etc. Not all these are found in a standard hotel room, and the guest might have to pay more to get a room with additional comfort.

As a guest in a serviced apartment, one can also host other guests since there is so much space, depending on the apartment you choose. Most comes with extra rooms enough for hosting meetings during your stay, or friends and family.

Another benefit is that you will be able to enjoy your privacy with little disturbances. This is important to travelers who are out for work, giving them ample time to concentrate on their business trips. Some apartments offer a housekeeper maybe once in a week or according to the guest’s preference, allowing the guest to enjoy privacy with minimal disruptions.

With the benefits outlined above, why not choose a serviced apartment? Whenever you are looking for Melbourne short stay apartments, check from Corporate Keys Australia.

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